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Real Estate Closings

Real Estate Closings Attorney in Gainesville, FL

Purchasing real estate in Florida can be a wise investment. Many people choose to invest their money in Florida real estate, including residential property, commercial property, vacation homes, and rental units. However, before you invest your money in real estate, you want to ensure that your investment is safe. You also want to ensure that the real estate closing is conducted efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Our Gainesville real estate closing attorneys handle all types of real estate closings in Gainesville and throughout Central Florida. Contact our office by calling (888) 316-2131 to learn more about our real estate closing services and how we can help you ensure your real estate closing is successful.

Choosing an Gainesville Real Estate Closing Attorney

Choosing the right real estate closing attorney is important if you want your closing to proceed with as little stress and delay as possible. There is always a risk of problems arising in real estate transactions; however, an experienced real estate attorney understands how to correct issues as they arise.

When our law firm is hired for a real estate closing, we provide comprehensive real estate closing services including:

  • Negotiate and Draft the Real Estate Contract — A purchase agreement or sales contract is a complex legal document that is binding on all parties. Before you enter into a contract to purchase or sell real estate, it is to your advantage to consult with an Gainesville real estate attorney. Your attorney can negotiate fair terms that decrease your risk of liability while ensuring your legal rights are protected.
  • Reviewing Your Legal Rights and Duties — As a seller or a purchaser, you have certain legal rights under Florida's real property laws. You also have legal rights and duties under Florida's contract laws. Your real estate attorney reviews your rights and duties with you to help you avoid a breach of contract that could jeopardize the real estate closing and put you at risk for a money judgment for losses and damages for a breach of contract.
  • Performing Due Diligence— When you purchase real property in Florida, you need to perform due diligence to ensure your investment is a wise and safe investment. Our Gainesville real estate closing attorney knows the steps that you need to take to perform due diligence and can help you take those steps. Our law firm researches the property records to ensure the seller has clear, marketable title; reviews zoning ordinances; researches property restrictions; searches for easements and rights-of-way; and researches liens and encumbrances against the property. In some cases, your attorney may need to take further steps to protect your best interests in a real estate closing. You can trust that our law firm takes all steps to protect you during the entire real estate transaction.
  • Resolving Title Problems — If a title examination reveals issues or problems with the title to the property, we work to resolve those issues as quickly as possible to avoid delays of the real estate closing. If a quiet title action is required, our lawyers have experience handling these lawsuits to clear title defects and clouds.
  • Preparing, Reviewing, & Explaining Closing Documents — Our real estate closing attorney prepares all closing documents required for the closing. In some cases, a real estate closing involves close to one hundred pages of documents when you include the contract, title examination, loan closing documents, and other documents related to the closing. Our lawyer takes as much time as necessary to review all documents with you to explain each document. We explain complex legal documents in terms that are easy for a layperson to understand. We want you to feel comfortable with your understanding of the legal documents and other documents related to your real estate closing before you sign anything.

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney if I Have a Realtor?

If you are a purchaser, yes, you will need a real estate attorney to handle the closing. As a seller, you can choose to let the purchaser's attorney prepare the deed instead of hiring your own lawyer. However, realtors are not attorneys. They cannot offer legal advice regarding various aspects of the real estate closing process. Your realtor is a very important person in a real estate transaction; however, you need a real estate attorney to protect your legal rights and provide services that are not performed by your realtor.

Our Gainesville real estate law firm works closely with realtors to ensure that the clients' best interests are protected. It is our goal to close your real estate transaction in the most efficient manner possible, whether you are the seller or purchaser in the transaction.

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